For information about car rental terms & conditions please refer to our FAQ.


The rented car driver must hold a driving license issued at least one year before the rental date. The driver must hold either a driving license issued by a European Union Member State or an international driving license. The minimum age limit is 23 years.
The drivers must be holders of a credit card for reasons of guarantee.
The lessee must deliver the car with the same petrol quantity as it accepted it.
It is allowed in certain individual cases, following approval..
In certain special cases, the company is entitled to change the type of the car.
It is allowed, in the driver s responsibility.
There is no additional charge for delivery or pick-up of the car, with the exception of St.Nicholas Port in Volimes (+30 euro).
All traffic tickets and any other consequences shall burden the lessee.
The car is not insured. It will be charged accordingly if it is lost.
Are available free of charge.
Quotes are valid only for seven days.If the seven days have passed then customers should ask to be offered a new one that is valid. Vehicles colour depends on availability.
Payable in full at the beginnning of the rental period. We accept Visa, Mastercard and cash.